A comment I received today prompted this post...

As often is the case with SL fashion, sometimes RL issues interfere.

I am on hiatus from designing for an indefinite amount of time to come. Amaretto will remain open, but there may not be any new releases for some time. I apologize if this creates an inconvenience to any of the fabulous SL fashionistas who are interested in Amaretto. I hope that you all will keep Amaretto in the back of your minds, for the day when I am able to pick up and continue!

Much love and respect,
Lux Yao


Seasons Greetings!

Ok, now that we're all stuffed with turkey, we can finally dress up as a trampy Ms. Claus! Yay for tradition! Only L100, because c'mon. It's just fun!




As I glance at the fashion feed today, I would like to join in in offering my condolences to the friends and business associates of Ginny Talamasca. My heart goes out to you. I never got to know Ginny personally, but it would have been an honor if I had. If the designs of LC/DHC are any indication, Ginny was an amazing person. The SL fashion community has lost a very talented designer.



I've been on hiatus with designing for a while. Dealing with lots of stress in RL, and now waiting on some goodies to arrive which should help improve the quality of my designs. I should have some new releases soon. Ideas bubbling within already...




Gabrielle comes in 6 colors: Grey, Emerald, Orchid, Pink, Blue, and Red. The fatpack sells for L$850, and each individual gown is L$225 and includes earrings.


Amaretto has moved!

Click here to visit the new Amaretto!

Also, there are several old items on sale for L90 or less!


The new styles...

All these are available at my mainstore in Boracay Island.

I've been working on a new mainstore on a *way* less laggy sim. There are some other excellent stores currently setting up near me as well. You can also go fishing there ;p

I'll be having a moving sale VERY soon.
Out with the old!



Limited Edition dress for October

Only L$125, avaliable now! XD