Amaretto meets Vogue.

It has taken me ages to blog this, and I apologize, but:
I just wanted to plea to my readers and group members to hang in there with me over the next couple of weeks. In addition to a RL job which takes up much of my time - I am in the last stages of planning my RL wedding which will be happening during the month of August.

It is a lot to juggle, and new releases will be scarce through this month.

But stay tuned as I am planning to announce a fun contest sometime in the next several weeks.




It's not easy being green.

Just a funky lime green babydoll to tide you over until I unleash my pose collection.

Gizele: L$200 - Top, G Pant, Flexi Skirt, and Bangles.

I'm hoping to release, very soon, a collection of around 10 modeling poses, as well as some other fun something-or-others (drop by my store to hunt down the preview). To follow, hopefully not too long after, AO stands, sits, etc.



Pocket full of poses...

I hope everyone is planning to come to the sale Cherry and I are putting on tomorrow night from 9PM SLT and going on through Sunday at 9PM SLT. I'm working on what I hope will be a fabulous freebie (L$1) package to replace my old one. I plan to be scrambling up to about five minutes past the last minute putting the sale and freebies together.

This is the new dress I'm offering for my L$1 package. This navy blue babydoll dress, Millie, comes with prim sleeves, prim skirt, top, and g pant.

Also included in the L$1 package will be at least one of the poses I'm working on. So - yes - NEW @ AMARETTO - POSES!! (Coming Soon)

Lucky - Top, G Pant, Prim Skirt. This will start out at only L$110 for the duration of the sale. After, the price will go up to L$200. So, if you like it, get it tomorrow!

Can't wait to see you there!



Clearance This Way Comes...

But first, some new items...

Twinkle Twinkle: Top, G Pant, Flexi Skirt L$200

Moxy: Top, Pant, and Flexi Fringe in all 4 shades L$275

If you've visited any of my non-main stores recently, you may have noticed a lot of old inventory is gone. Fear not, I'm having a clearance sale this weekend. Both Cherry and I are making room for new inventory, some items will be marked-down and discontinued, and others will simply be marked down for the occasion!

We will start setting up the sale Friday evening (by about 10PM game time) and it will run through Sunday afternoon! See you all there!


The Calypso Series

Hello all! I'm happy to announce a new eye collection (finally!) called The Calypso Series. This eye collection feature 6 hues, each with the reflection of an island sunset hinted in the iris. Each shade sells for L$100 and includes both large and small iris sizes.

An example of the six shades. These eyes are hand-painted and were a labor of love. I may release more colors, I'm open to suggestions. As of right now, I'm thinking I may make these limited edition, but I haven't decided. So, if you're interested, don't wait to get yours!

In case you're worried the eyes may look odd when worn... this pic demonstrates how you can hardly tell the difference from a fair distance. (Daquiri, Small Iris) Trust me, you're going to look positively enchanting, no matter which shade you choose.

- LY -


More stuffs...

I've added several new items to the mainstore in the last couple of days. If you're a group member you've probably received some notices on some of these:

Delilah: Top, Sys Skirt, G Pant, and Prim Plaid Flower L$175

Rhythm Nation: Jacket L$85

Fleur de Lis: Shirt L$50

Hibiscus Print Tops: 2 Shirts (Pink & Teal) L$80

Queen of Hearts: Shirt L$50


Ruby... almost Tuesday

Blah blah blah... New release! Blah...

Dress called Ruby... hope you like it.

Plus! I finally added an item to my L$50 and under section. If you were a group member about a month ago, you received this item for free. Now its available for purchase in store for only L$50. It's just a fun little something to add to your Second Wardrobe. If you're not into the full-on-floosy look, try pairing it with an open jacket. Maybe I'll make one...

Uhm, as far as giving credit where credit is due - the two necklaces featured in these textures, are from the Tableau store appropriately named Yummy. Check it out if you're in the Tableau neighborhood.

Hugs and kisses and all the love...

- Lux -