Amaretto at ETD? Read on...

I'm happy to say that Elika Tiramisu of ETD hair has selected Amaretto to occupy her free store for a month! Check it out! In less happy news, I'm a little under the RL weather, and may not be releasing any new goodies this weekend. Stay tuned!


New Release: Ingrid

If you haven't checked out the new store, please do! :D


Jersey Girl


These are only avaliable, right now, at the new mainstore.
Please update your LMs!

If you don't have a LM to the new store, you can teleport from the link on this blog - or check my pics (Lux Yao)!


News + New Releases

Click here to teleport to the new mainstore location! Bare (bear?) in mind, it is still under construction, so there are some items not yet avaliable there!


New Release: Ava

Definitely not like my usual stuff - but, I don't know. Something possessed me to do this dress. So, it may be kinda gawthy - but, it's important to remain stylish even *after* you've been bitten by a vampire.

Ava is a shirt, g pant, shirt and jacket. The jacket has prim sleeve attachments, to give you a little flair in the sleeves. Like almost every outfit I sell, Ava is L$200.

Also, I'd like to share a tip with all of you, which I absolutely *love*. I picked up an outfit from Dakota Buck at Savvy?, and she included a notecard with this majorly fabulous tip:

"...as I know a lot of people dislike the system (non-prim) skirts... In order to get the most out of your skirt you need to have a separate "skirt shape". Make a copy of your current shape, [name the copy something like, "Shape (System Skirt Version)" and wear it] so you know what it is and then edit your appearance. It's best to be wearing the skirt when you do this. Got to Shape>Legs and move the sliders on "Hip Width" and "Butt Size" towards the left until you achieve a size closer to what you should look like without the skirt."

Such an excellent idea!
I have a system skirt shape now.



New Releases @ Amaretto

Just added today:

Also, join the update group for a chance to win L$1000!
Check in store for details!

Get a sweet &%# for L$50.

The sale on the Sweetcheeks Jeans continues until 5PM ST today.

In other news, if you didn't make it down to the East Meets West show - have a look at the photos taken by our Dj Nexeus Fatale. This includes photos from both my collection, and the collection of Cherry Tokyo, who we saw the first hour of the show.

Thank you to all who took time to come by. For those of you who missed it, I'm sorry, the gift packages are no longer available. One more time, I have to thank Lovey Darling of Loveys Boutique for donating the skins for my models. If you haven't demo'd a Lovey's skin, then you're missing out.

Working on some new stuff this morning.
Love ya!

- Lux -


More information about the show.

I'm now sitting on all my new releases until the day of the show...



Ensembly challenged? I say 'nay'!

Today I received notice that I had been reviewed by Jayde Lisle in the budget-conscious SL fashion blog, Ensembly Challenged. The items mentioned in said review are actually my freebie bundle, which - well, I would hope anyone reading this blog will have picked up by now! But she also had some very nice things about my collection in general. Thank you, Jayde!

And while we're here...

Pina Colada L$200 Top / G Pant / Flexi

Also, check out the new legwarmers! A cute accessory for when you're feeling especially fun. Pick up the 4-pack for L$175.


3 new items...

Feast your eyes...

Ana L$200, Top/G Pant/Flexi:

Celebrity L$200, Top/G Pant/Flexi:

And a bridal gown, Blushing L$300 Top/G Pant/Flexi: