Kitty kitty...

New tank pack is called Kitten, comes in 3 colors: Ocean, Chartreuse, and Aqua (not pictured). They sell for L$120 (in a 3-pack) and are available in store now!

East meets West...

At this time, I'm happy to announce that the East meets West fashion show will be taking place on June 17, 2007 @ 12:00PM-2:00PM SLT (Second Life Time, or Pacific Standard Time). The first hour will feature the designs of Cherry Tokyos Kimonos, and the second hour will feature my work. Cherry & I have arranged for DJ Nexeus Fatale to provide music and voice for the shows, so come with your audio enabled!

I am hoping to hire two more female models for the show, so if you are interested, please drop a notecard to me in-world (Lux Yao) that includes at least 6 snapshots. I am interested in your shape and skin. I will be providing L$ for the model to purchase hair, and am looking for a skin designer interested in providing skin my portion of the show, as Tete a Pied is providing geisha skins for Cherry Tokyo.

In other news, I will be on vacation, and away from SL, May 26-30. If you have any customer service issues, please submit a notecard to me with 'Amaretto' in the file name, otherwise I may not be able to address it. Please DO NOT IM me with customer service issues between May 26-30, because I will already be swamped with IMs and you may get lost in the shuffle. I am dedicated to making customers happy, to the best of my ability.

During this time, if you should need to contact me about anything that may be time-sensitive, email me at lux.yao@gmail.com, and I will do my best to accomodate you ASAP.


Celebrity Trollop Interview and a Rain Dance.

Last week, when I received an IM from Second Style Fashionista's Celebrity Trollop, well... I can't even begin to say how thrilled I was. Then I read it. Then I peed my virtual flexiprims! She said she felt I had a lot of talent and potential, and wanted to interview me about my designs. We met on Sunday evening down at the store, and I interviewed for this post. We also gabbed about SL fashion in general for quite some time.

This is the new dress Rain Dance. I know what you're thinking "Omg, Lux! You used a color! Very good." Anyhow, it's top, g-pant, and flexi skirt with a pretty periwinkle pattern. It can be yours for L$200 and a trip to Barcelona del Oeste!

Tonight Cherry Tokyo and I have a meeting about our fashion show. More details when I have 'em!


To Mesh, or not to Mesh?

I'm particularly proud of this weekend release, Hear Me Rawr! This snakeskin-print dress is top, glitch pant, (or as I call them "G Pant", because I'm lazy) and system skirt for L$180. The matching bangles are also available in the accessories section of the store for L$75! Look for a matching handbag in the future. I plan to release a line of handbags for my upcoming fashion show.

I also wanted to take a moment to talk about system skirts on SL. I know some SL fashion critics out there are completely anti-mesh skirts in SL (*see Linden Lifestyles Top Ten Things That Must Die #8) Not that I disagree with the fabulous S & S, they're completely right. However, Jaydei Benmergui makes a nice arguement for them in her Fashionista Post over at Second Style. Regardless of the love/hate relationship I have with system skirts, I'm using them. Sometimes a flexi skirt just ain't right.

As Steven Colbert says, "And that's the WORD."

New this week.

I'm horrible at my own, personal blog, so I can only imagine how badly this one will suffer. However, I press on to bring you news and goodies!

I have several things in the works Amaretto, the most exciting of which is that I'm planning a fashion show with my good friend Cherry Tokyo, slated to take place at some point in June. The details are scarce at this point, but I will know more this coming Tuesday. I will say that Tete a Pied has agreed to make a generous contribution to the show. More on that later. Now for the goods!

This flexiskirted dress called Kacy, named for my RL sister. This comes with the top, glitch pant, and flexi skirt and sells for L$200.


So it begins...

I'm happy today to be making the first post in this official blog for the SL boutique Amaretto. I'd like acknowledge and thank Cherry Tokyo, my friend and SL business confidant, I'd like to thank Tanya Book for the post about my freebies in SL Fashion Notes. Also, all my friends and group members!

Here I'll be posting all new releases, and will also be blogging on some older stuff. I look forward to providing you with much blogtasticness!

- Lux Yao -